Click on each row to expand that series of videos. Make sure to download the PDFs and Sample Data if there is some provided. Hope these workshops are helpful and again if know of some programs you would like to see or if you would like to give, please email us at and we can work something out.

Kyle Vanderniet gave 6 tutorials of Microsoft Excel and has provided a full handout for all videos and some sample data.

You can download them here: Handout and Sample Data.

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Excel Basics 1 Excel Basics 2 Conditional Formatting Functions and Nested Functions Pivot Tables Google Sheets

Joey Stanley has created and presented this series on R and different packages within R. He also has a thorough PDF for each part.

Click on the links to view the videos.

Introduction to R
  • Learn R's syntax, how to make variables, and basic functions. Learn to import multiple file types to be able to filter and extract portions of your data. Lastly where to go for help, both in R and on the internet.
  • Download the PDF here and follow along to the video. If you need assistance on downloading R and RStudio, here is Joey's handout.

Visualizations I: Introduction to ggplot2
  • This will cover some of the basics of visualization including the following topics: (1) general concepts relating to data visualization, software, and data types; (2) download and installation; (3) plotting two continuous variables as a scatterplot; (4) plotting one variable as a bar plot or a histogram; (5) plotting one continuous variable and one categorical variable as a boxplot or a violin plot; and (6) where to go for help with ggplot2.
  • Download the PDF here

Visualizations II: Customizing plots in ggplot2

  • We unfortuneatly do not have a recording for part 2 of ggplot2.
  • If you are interested in some intermediate content regarding ggplot2, This PDF will cover additional topics in ggplot2 that let you customize plot in various ways: (1) adding and changing titles and axis labels; (2) custom colors; (3) renaming and reordering things; (4) legends; (5) faceting; (6) themes; and a custom section on saving plots.
  • Download the PDF here.
Building Interactive Webpages in R: Introduction to Shiny Part 1
  • This video covers some of the basics of the Shiny package built in R. We unfortunately did not get the second part recorded but everything for both parts can be found online. Since shiny is used for web applications and can be dynamic, Joey decided to make this tutorial a webpage so you can see shiny in action.
  • Joey's Shiny Handount
Communicating to your audience with R Markdown
  • This will cover these introductory topics: (1) an introduction to the tool and why it might be handy; (2) the “narrative” or the non-code portion of the document and how to format it; (3) inserting code and how to modify code block; and (4) output formats and ways to modify how the final document looks.
  • Download the pdf here
Clean and tidy data: Tidyverse
  • We only have the audio for this tutorial, so please follow along with Joey with his PDF